Programming the Arduino with the Eclipse IDE

Posted by Erica on Dec 18, 2013 in Making |

Back when I was working on my firefighting robot, I wanted a better system than the default Arduino IDE (integrated development environment). With dozens of files and thousands of lines of code to manage, a professional development environment became highly desirable. I blogged previously about moving my Arduino code into Eclipse.

On November 19, 2013 I led a class at Nova Labs on Programming the Arduino with the Eclipse IDE. The link will take you to the PDF version of my talk, and it should be sufficiently detailed for anyone who wishes to do this task. We had quite a good turnout even though the class had a fee — apparently I am not the only one frustrated with the regular Arduino IDE!

For readers in the MD/DC/VA area, please check out the NOVA Labs Meetups which are open to the public. We welcome new members and the tools and expertise here continue to impress me. On January 23 we are doing our first Women in Engineering meetup. I don’t exactly know what this is yet (even though I’ve been volunteered as an event organizer…a little surprise there) but I do know there will be quite a few interesting women to meet.

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