This is a list of various projects, their status, and links to dedicated project pages or blog posts about them.

  • Tikkum Olam Makers. In July 2016 I participated in a make-a-thon for assistive technology, helping individuals with disabilities. I was part of Team Breathe Free with Nick Sipes and Sarah Caldwell. We created various devices to make life easier for individuals who require oxgen, and the long tubes that go with it, but still wish to remain mobile. The first device is Quick Release for Medical Air Tubing, on Instructables. That link has all the CAD files and project information.
  • FIRST Lego League. In 2014 I coached a FIRST Lego League (FLL) team, with Laurel, Holly, and their friends. As a rookie team we won the robot design contest at regionals and continued on to States. My kids have continued on other teams, but I am done for now! Some video is available on my YouTube channel. One of these days I’ll write something about it.
  • Firefighting robot. I participated in the Penn State Abington Fire-Fighting Robot Contest and Exhibit on April 21, 2012. My kids also did the remote-controlled division in the morning (and won it) with the same robot. I am entering again, competition date April 13, 2013. The kids will be there again too, with their own robot this time. For a list of related blog posts, click here.
  • Automatic LED Stair Lighting. Status: completed. When entering a dark staircase, lights for each stair come on in sequence. It increases safety and makes a lovely visual effect. The idea is based on the stairs shown at Since they did not provide any details, I had to figure this out myself. Please see the LED stair project page for full directions on making your own version. For a list of related blog posts, click here. My design was featured in MAKE: Online.
  • Robie the Coasterbot. Status: completed. This is my entry for the robot contest run by MAKE.
  • Speed Vest. Status: completed. The Speed Vest is worn while bicyling at night, and shows your speed in glowing electroluminescent wire on your back. It’s a safety feature — increasing rider visiblity to cars — and just plain cool. Based on the Speed Vest project described in volume 19 of MAKE magazine. My build was featured in MAKE:Online.


  • Bernard Katz says:

    I was doing a bit of research on using the arduino with higher power applications, 12v LED strip lights, etc, and stumbled onto your blog. I hope hear how your interactive stair lights turn out!

  • Doug Goncz says:

    I have joined the Figure Models Guild in Washington, D. C., and think I have a design for a 3D printer that can copy a figure model full size to about 1mm voxel resolution in a day or less. It would be a box sealing hot melt glue he

  • Doug Goncz says:

    …darn this TC1100. …head on an Agile geometry robot, or on just a Unimate, and a turntable. It would use 123D to cloud-up 64 1280×720 video frames taken of a model rotating 33-1/3 rpm in less than 5 seconds of posing time into STL, or 14 Mp frames in about a minute. I figure one-off sculpture, airbrushed, could sell for $1000 easily. The turntable would probably not be a record player. I’m going to test this on a model’s head with zir shoulders draped hair-cut style, in an office chair. I’ve been meaning to visit hacdc with Jerry. I saw your name and remembered chatting with an Erica Kane so I thought I’d visit. Best of luck. –Doug

  • Mike T. says:

    Stumbled onto your blog while researching how best to install a connector on a ribbon cable. The vise idea was brilliant. I have only glanced through your site, and am impressed beyond words. I hope to come back sometime and peruse it further…when I’m not building ribbon cables for my job!

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