A princess canopy for Laurel

Posted by Erica on Apr 2, 2011 in Making |

Laurel and Holly under the canopy

Laurel and Holly under the canopy

On Thursday, Laurel had a day off of school. It is rare for her to get a holiday while her sister has to go to school, so I offered to spend the day with her. I gave her a lot of options, and her favorite was to simply stay home and do crafts with me. Very flattering. So we made a princess canopy together for her reading corner. This is a simple and fast project that anyone can do.

To make it, you need:

  • an adjustable embroidery hoop (available at Michael’s or other craft stores)
  • a long swatch of tulle or similar transparent material, roughly 5 yards by 45 inches
  • string or twine
  • a plant or ceiling hook

An embroidery hoop is two nested hoops of wood. To begin, separate them and tie a two-foot piece of string on the larger hoop, with two knots; each knot on opposite sides of the hoop. Then, lay the tulle out on the floor. Place the smaller hoop underneath the center of the tulle. Then place the larger hoop on top of the smaller one and tighten it. This will trap the tulle between the hoops. Screw the plant hook into the ceiling. Hang the hoops up on the hook with the string.

And that’s it! It was so quick that we also had time for a girl’s lunch out and a new haircut for Laurel. A great day for both of us.

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