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Posted by Erica on Jul 13, 2011 in Making |

For everyone who has contacted me regarding the automatic LED stair project, good news: the official instructions page is now available.

Here is the video of me using the stairs. Movie making is not my greatest strength, but I think this gives an idea of what the stairs can do. They are beautiful. I am using a simple lighting sequence here, however it is possible to program any sequence of your choice. Each controller board can handle up to 34 LEDs. As the saying goes, “The only limit is your imagination.”

If you cannot see the embedded video, click here.

As I expected, the final installation of the lights was a bit difficult. I wanted recessed, professional looking lights and not something taped to a wall. While I drilled most of the holes myself and did the terminations, I ended up hiring a professional to help with snaking the wires through the walls. This was the right decision. It added significantly to the project cost, which is something that other DIYers should be aware of. (I used 2 hours of his time; your mileage may vary.)

I’m thrilled with how the stair lights turned out. They provide an unique touch for our home, and my family has already found them very useful.

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